How Digital Fashion Could Replace Fast Fashion, And The Startup Paving The Way

Brooke Roberts-Islam Senior Contributor Retail

The fashion industry is going through a somewhat painful transition from analog to digital, induced by the coronavirus pandemic and the relentless rise in global temperatures, triggering climate change an increasing pressure on the industry to become more sustainable. To continue to trade in the face of these challenges, fashion brands have adopted digital methods of prototyping, thereby reducing waste and lead times and streamlining physical production post-lockdown. While such global brands adapt, other fashion industry visionaries are reinventing. Viewing the current fashion industry challenges within the context of shifting consumer desires and online behaviors, two fashion entrepreneurs are devising an entirely new business model for fashion consumption, with no physical outputs. The model is the culmination of the learnings of two fashion entrepreneurs who spearheaded Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Kyiv, Ukraine, propelling emerging fashion designers from around the globe into international boutiques via their B2B wholesale fashion showroom, More Dash.

From their industry vantage point, founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova have witnessed a rapidly changing fashion market since launching the More Dash wholesale showroom, headquartered in Paris, in 014. In their first B2C fashion venture in 2019 they launched More Dash pop up shops in the US (firstly in LA) as an AB test for this hypothesis: there is a significant demand for fashion ‘consumption’ for the sole purpose of digital content creation, meaning that purchasing and physical ownership for these ‘consumers’ is at least partially redundant.

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