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Innovation Fashion Days  organization that provides programs to empower men, women and girls, boys .

Our purpose is to educate and empower amateur, professional, designers, models, stylists,  freelancers , students by providing them with the tools and resources for success, as well as to provide a strong fashion world.
Innovation Fashion Days  would like to invite your company to become a sponsor in the Innovation Fashion Days at the World of Fashion City 

This is an engaging and interactive event intended to entertain and educate the community through fun, show dance, runway,  fashion,  and empowerment.

This event will include a fashion show that provides an entertaining and inspiring demonstration of models showcasing today’s top fashion designs from participating designers. The show will also include choreographed dance performances to enhance the interactivity of the event.

Girls and Boys will express confidence and encourage crowd participation while promoting contemporary trends.

This event is intended to benefit all sponsors in financial increase and community awareness while increasing awareness of our organization and educating attendees of our empowerment programs.


Our events entertain 1000+ audience attendees and vendors annually.

We hope that you consider joining us in our community work by becoming a sponsor in the INNOVATION FASHION DAYS. Together we can make a better world for every people

We thank you in advance and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work together!
Thank You.

please visit us at social media and contact me at your earliest convenience




Fashion Week Istanbul



14-17 October 2021

A journey from the 1800s to present day Istanbul

With Fashion Week Istanbul presents

Istanbul State of Mind Exhibition

Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind exhibition, a special art selection in which different creative disciplines that influence fashion and are influenced by it come together for the first time in Turkey in that sense, will meet with art lovers between 14-17 October as part of Fashion Week Istanbul 2021. Kerimcan Güleryüz is the curator of the exhibition, Merve Tuna is the fashion director of the fashion integration side of the exhibition, Ali Taptık is the Theatrical Director responsible for the selection and performance of the literary texts, and Billur Turan is the Art Director/director of the set design.

Within the scope of Fashion Week Istanbul, Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind exhibition is getting ready to feature a special experience to be performed by theatrical artists, a fictive world structured around the ideas of home and street, presenting the collections of Turkish designers at the Likör Fabrikası (Liquor Factory) and Akaretler. While the visitors will bear witness to the “home” life in Istanbul with the special selection of the exhibition, which will be held in Akaretler with the house concept, another fictive world is designed at the Liquor Factory based on the street concept to keep the streets of Istanbul alive from the 1800s to the present day.

The exhibition will feature artworks carrying traces of Istanbul like paintings, photographs, videos and multimedia alongside theatrical and stage performances, and installations. In this project, curated by Kerimcan Güleryüz, the visitors of Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind Exhibition will not only witness the life in the city but also explore Istanbul from a different perspective, that of the artists’.

Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind Exhibition,
A cross section of an Istanbul Apartment

“An Istanbul Apartment” in Akaretler, designed as part of the Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind exhibition, is designed as a multi-layered exhibition. The exhibition, which invites art lovers to the homes of the residents of an Istanbul apartment, is designed by Empire and Onagöre. Presenting the latest products of fashion designers from Turkey in a special art selection, the exhibition brings contemporary artworks and young

theatre performers together with the audience on a same level stage by uniquely interpreting parts from important works of Turkish literature.

Fashion, which is nurtured by the city and its creative industries, will be presented with an original curation that’s far from being a static exhibition as it brings together interactive performances for the first time in the fields of contemporary art, performing arts, design, music and literature based on the concept of home in Akaretler. Curated only by Turkish household names in the fields of the arts, performing arts, design, and literature, the exhibition is also a trailblazer in a sense.

The show on stage can also be deemed as a rehearsal, which the visitors of the exhibition can personally tour as the actors wearing the designs of famous fashion designers at the reading rehearsals will be performing at certain times of the day, every day between October 14-17, in apartments numbered 25 and 27 in Akaretler. Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind exhibition, edited by Kerimcan Güleryüz, Billur Turan, Merve Tuna and Onagöre, brings together artists from different branches, today’s visual artists, fashion designers and performance artists.

In the Liquor Factory, designed based on the “street” concept, there is a setup organized in the form of a museum on the upper floor, where artwork on Istanbul are exhibited and on the lower floor, a journey through the streets of Istanbul from the 1800s to the present day is presented. At the entrance of the Liquor Factory, art lovers are greeted by a live painting and special pieces from the designers’ collections in a performative setup.

Fashion Week Istanbul has been supported by the Türkiye Promotion Group for the last 3 seasons and is run by a working group led by IHKIB, which includes representatives of MTD, IMA and IHKIB – that is, representatives from all areas of the fashion industry. FWI, which has shifted to the digital platform due to the pandemic and thus, has brought Turkish fashion design to the global fashion industry much faster and more effectively, has decided to bring the important names of every field touched by fashion to the global platform with a project that has not been realized until now. It is an extraordinary project where we will come together physically with both Turkish and foreign audiences – within the framework of the pandemic rules.

In the exhibition, in which artwork focusing on Istanbul are on display, everyone who is in love with Istanbul will re-embrace Istanbul, not the one they know and love but have forgotten about, an Istanbul that some have never known, but met and fell in love with.

Organized by the Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (IHKIB), FWI is supported by the Türkiye Promotion Group (TTG) established by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) under the leadership of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade, and is carried out in cooperation with the Fashion Designers Association (MTD) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA).

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EFFECT BCW fashionweekistanbul@effect.com.tr

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Fashion Innovation – Top 22 Technologies Shaping The Fashion Industry (2021)

When it comes to fashion innovation, consumer adoption and constant technological development are critical.

As both industries (tech and fashion) are future-driven and consumer-focused, adoption happens naturally.

But, when it comes to technology, not all developments are suitable for the fashion industry.

From digital influencers to AI fashion designers and material innovation, these are the top 22 fashion innovations of 2020-2021, shaping fashion in 2021.

More : https://thevou.com/fashion/fashion-innovation/

Latest digital fashion trends: insights into virtual clothing

Latest digital fashion trends: insights into virtual clothing

Without a doubt, many digital trends have emerged and evolved very fast during COVID-19 pandemic. Also when it comes to digital fashion and virtual clothing. We have investigated the scenarios and new perspective.


1 The rise of digital fashion: a new era for clothing?

2 Virtual Try-On: putting digital clothes on3 Digital avatars: augmenting our physical reality

3.1 The Gaming industry: fresh and dynamic resources for the digital fashion

3.2 Social media: a challenging opportunity

4 Digital wardrobes: get virtually dressed

5 A more sustainable way?

5.1 Discover more:


Why Digital Clothing is 2021’s Most Exciting Tech Trend

Taylor Ball

Taylor Ball

Imagine a world where your clothes are made of pixels rather than textiles.

One in three women considers a piece of clothing “old” after one or two wears¹.

Fast fashion is popularizing the idea that great style is synonymous with new outfits. Social media reinforces this mentality, with one in six young people claiming they won’t rewear an outfit if it’s been seen online².

Enter digital fashion.

More https://uxplanet.org/why-digital-clothing-is-2021s-most-exciting-tech-trend-64717db6856b


Auroboros is the first fashion house to merge science and technology with physical haute couture, as well as digital-only ready-to-wear. Creating a romantic premise for the near-future, our work stands for innovation, sustainability and immersive design. 

We seek to evolve the luxury industry into deeper dimensions – redefining how we imagine, design and affect clothing consumption. With this, we are shaping new discussions around the idea of a utopian future and its relationship to the human body.

Auroboros is a member of artists at The Sarabande Foundation: Founded by Lee Alexander McQueen. 

Education, research and development are fundamental principles at Auroboros. We are proud and continue to be affiliated with numerous internationally-renowned educational establishments.

Via lectures and workshops, Auroboros encourages and educates the next generation of creatives to rethink and challenge the future. For enquires, please contact us.



Fashion, luxury and digital innovation: what comes next?

In these turbulent times for the industry, many see digital innovation as a potential saviour – that is why we teamed up with our partner LiveArea to gain more insights for the NetComm Community …

In these turbulent times for the industry, many see digital innovation as a potential saviour – that is why we teamed up with our partner LiveArea to gain more insights for the NetComm Community 
Will customers buy a 60.000$ Rolex by using the same device they buy dog’ food with?That’s the challenge for luxury marketers today.
Innovation in luxury is changing trends, and luxury itself has been (already) transformed by technologies. Augmented reality, data analysis and the implementation of a brand-new user experience in e-commerce: the pandemic has confirmed and accelerated the ongoing trends, some say as much as five years.
Nevertheless, scarcity is a key factor in luxury, and hardly pairs with the web, traditionally perceived as the land of abundance. How are brands supposed to cope with these challenges?
A reputation built over decades is no longer enough to guarantee future success” says Benoit Soucaret, Group Creative Director at LiveArea, an award-winning global customer experience and e-commerce agency.
The problem, Soucaret analyses, is “no one wants to be compared via two webpages online, price for price. Luxury remains an incredibly lucrative market. And, unsurprisingly, its brands remain reluctant to push quickly into e-commerce for fear of eroding the exclusivity of the experience. That has to change”.
Ways of doing so include a mixture of online and offline experiences which, borrowing a fortunate word coined by the Italian philosopher Luciano Floridi, we could call “onlife”.
Data are central in this process, aimed at knowing every single customer and personalizing his visit, be it in a shop or via the web. There are, obviously, legal implications that must be diligently evaluated, above all for business operating in different countries.
Luxury marketing in the 2020s requires the whole value chain to be re-shaped. From production to logistic to sales. And, last but not least, must engage Millenials and Generation Z. How? With their buzzwords: “Mobile, social media, inclusion, sustainability”.
Read the full interview to Benoit Soucaret and get your FREEE eBook

Digital Identity and Garment Journey

Gabriela Hearst has partnered with EON, which is a leading digital identity platform for fashion and apparel – connecting products throughout their lifecycle by unlocking visibility, traceability, and insight through a QR code. The goal is to provide customers with more transparency by sharing the supply chain and giving them access to learn about their garments journey.

One thing is for sure – [fashion] needs transparency. Even for myself, who is passionate about the subject, it was hard to gather this information.” – Gabriela


How Digital Fashion Could Replace Fast Fashion, And The Startup Paving The Way

Brooke Roberts-Islam Senior Contributor Retail

The fashion industry is going through a somewhat painful transition from analog to digital, induced by the coronavirus pandemic and the relentless rise in global temperatures, triggering climate change an increasing pressure on the industry to become more sustainable. To continue to trade in the face of these challenges, fashion brands have adopted digital methods of prototyping, thereby reducing waste and lead times and streamlining physical production post-lockdown. While such global brands adapt, other fashion industry visionaries are reinventing. Viewing the current fashion industry challenges within the context of shifting consumer desires and online behaviors, two fashion entrepreneurs are devising an entirely new business model for fashion consumption, with no physical outputs. The model is the culmination of the learnings of two fashion entrepreneurs who spearheaded Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Kyiv, Ukraine, propelling emerging fashion designers from around the globe into international boutiques via their B2B wholesale fashion showroom, More Dash.

From their industry vantage point, founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova have witnessed a rapidly changing fashion market since launching the More Dash wholesale showroom, headquartered in Paris, in 014. In their first B2C fashion venture in 2019 they launched More Dash pop up shops in the US (firstly in LA) as an AB test for this hypothesis: there is a significant demand for fashion ‘consumption’ for the sole purpose of digital content creation, meaning that purchasing and physical ownership for these ‘consumers’ is at least partially redundant.


Fashion Innovation – Top 22 Technologies Creating The Future Of Fashion


10 November 2020

When it comes to fashion innovation, consumer adoption, and constant technological development are critical.

As both industries are future-driven and consumer-focused, adoption happens naturally.

But, when it comes to technology, not all developments are suitable for the fashion industry.

From digital influencers to AI and material innovation, are the top 21 fashion innovations of 2020, shaping the future of fashion.



Exploring the Organizational, Technological, and Socio-cultural Dimensions of Transformation 


SUSTAINABILITY: Science, Practice and Policy (SSPP) 

An Open Access Journal Edited by Taylor and Francis 



Global fashion, as part of the cultural and creative industries (CCI), represents a rich and advanced manifestation of contemporary culture and simultaneously embodies a complex and layered set of sociotechnical relationships. On one hand, fashion is a sophisticated expression of society widely perceived as a “cultural medium”, and pervading and informing social practices and dynamics. On the other hand, fashion is one of the oldest manufacturing sectors in Western countries, contributing to globalization processes, producing various deleterious effects through concurrent processes of cultural homogenization and impoverishment, as well as deeply affecting the quality of the environment to the point where today it is the second most polluting industry in the world. 

These two dimensions of fashion are currently colliding. The public has begun to demonstrate heightened awareness and new sensibilities have begun to change customers’ attitudes toward consumption choices, thus increasing the demand for transparency on the part of commercially visible brands. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickened ongoing transformation and overturned pre-existing commitments. The global fashion system—comprising both its facets of production and consumption along with its negative social and environmental consequences—is being critically questioned even by authoritative figures at the center of some of the most iconic and successful labels. 

Given these circumstances, this Special Issue strives to take advantage of this momentum and to link several disciplinary domains with the objective of exploring the organizational, technological, and sociocultural dimensions of transformation. 

The Special Issue welcome paper proposals addressing the following topics: 

1.   REDESIGNING THE FASHION SYSTEM, focusing on the organizational dimensions of fashion and its systemic transformation.  

2.   INNOVATING FASHION PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES, focusing on innovation and technological transformation of fashion products and processes.  

3.   RESHAPING FASHION CULTURES focusing on the sociocultural dimension of fashion and its transformation towards sustainability.  


  • January 15, 2020: Submission of extended abstracts (approximately 750 words)  
  • February 12, 2021: Notification of invited papers  
  • April 16, 2021: Submission of full paper drafts (approximately 8.000 words)  
  • May 21, 2021: Completion of first round of peer review  
  • June 30, 2021: Submission of revised drafts  
  • July 15, 2021: Completion of second round of peer review  
  • September 1, 2021: Submission of final drafts  

How to send the extended abstract proposal: 

Extended abstracts should be sent by January 15 2021 to both Paola Bertola (paola.bertola@polimi.it) and Chiara Colombi (chiara.colombi@polimi.it).  


Please indicate in the mail which of the 3 topics your proposal is addressing (see above) 


This Special Issue of Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy will be an open-source publication and authors of invited papers will be able to participate without the need to pay an author publication fee (APC). All contributions will be sponsored by the Fashion in Process Research Laboratory (FiP) at the Politecnico di Milano which is a neutral platform for knowledge exchange and dissemination. 

Full details on the call are in the attached file