Auroboros is the first fashion house to merge science and technology with physical haute couture, as well as digital-only ready-to-wear. Creating a romantic premise for the near-future, our work stands for innovation, sustainability and immersive design. 

We seek to evolve the luxury industry into deeper dimensions – redefining how we imagine, design and affect clothing consumption. With this, we are shaping new discussions around the idea of a utopian future and its relationship to the human body.

Auroboros is a member of artists at The Sarabande Foundation: Founded by Lee Alexander McQueen. 

Education, research and development are fundamental principles at Auroboros. We are proud and continue to be affiliated with numerous internationally-renowned educational establishments.

Via lectures and workshops, Auroboros encourages and educates the next generation of creatives to rethink and challenge the future. For enquires, please contact us.

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