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14-17 October 2021

A journey from the 1800s to present day Istanbul

With Fashion Week Istanbul presents

Istanbul State of Mind Exhibition

Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind exhibition, a special art selection in which different creative disciplines that influence fashion and are influenced by it come together for the first time in Turkey in that sense, will meet with art lovers between 14-17 October as part of Fashion Week Istanbul 2021. Kerimcan Güleryüz is the curator of the exhibition, Merve Tuna is the fashion director of the fashion integration side of the exhibition, Ali Taptık is the Theatrical Director responsible for the selection and performance of the literary texts, and Billur Turan is the Art Director/director of the set design.

Within the scope of Fashion Week Istanbul, Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind exhibition is getting ready to feature a special experience to be performed by theatrical artists, a fictive world structured around the ideas of home and street, presenting the collections of Turkish designers at the Likör Fabrikası (Liquor Factory) and Akaretler. While the visitors will bear witness to the “home” life in Istanbul with the special selection of the exhibition, which will be held in Akaretler with the house concept, another fictive world is designed at the Liquor Factory based on the street concept to keep the streets of Istanbul alive from the 1800s to the present day.

The exhibition will feature artworks carrying traces of Istanbul like paintings, photographs, videos and multimedia alongside theatrical and stage performances, and installations. In this project, curated by Kerimcan Güleryüz, the visitors of Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind Exhibition will not only witness the life in the city but also explore Istanbul from a different perspective, that of the artists’.

Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind Exhibition,
A cross section of an Istanbul Apartment

“An Istanbul Apartment” in Akaretler, designed as part of the Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind exhibition, is designed as a multi-layered exhibition. The exhibition, which invites art lovers to the homes of the residents of an Istanbul apartment, is designed by Empire and Onagöre. Presenting the latest products of fashion designers from Turkey in a special art selection, the exhibition brings contemporary artworks and young

theatre performers together with the audience on a same level stage by uniquely interpreting parts from important works of Turkish literature.

Fashion, which is nurtured by the city and its creative industries, will be presented with an original curation that’s far from being a static exhibition as it brings together interactive performances for the first time in the fields of contemporary art, performing arts, design, music and literature based on the concept of home in Akaretler. Curated only by Turkish household names in the fields of the arts, performing arts, design, and literature, the exhibition is also a trailblazer in a sense.

The show on stage can also be deemed as a rehearsal, which the visitors of the exhibition can personally tour as the actors wearing the designs of famous fashion designers at the reading rehearsals will be performing at certain times of the day, every day between October 14-17, in apartments numbered 25 and 27 in Akaretler. Fashion Week Istanbul presents Istanbul State of Mind exhibition, edited by Kerimcan Güleryüz, Billur Turan, Merve Tuna and Onagöre, brings together artists from different branches, today’s visual artists, fashion designers and performance artists.

In the Liquor Factory, designed based on the “street” concept, there is a setup organized in the form of a museum on the upper floor, where artwork on Istanbul are exhibited and on the lower floor, a journey through the streets of Istanbul from the 1800s to the present day is presented. At the entrance of the Liquor Factory, art lovers are greeted by a live painting and special pieces from the designers’ collections in a performative setup.

Fashion Week Istanbul has been supported by the Türkiye Promotion Group for the last 3 seasons and is run by a working group led by IHKIB, which includes representatives of MTD, IMA and IHKIB – that is, representatives from all areas of the fashion industry. FWI, which has shifted to the digital platform due to the pandemic and thus, has brought Turkish fashion design to the global fashion industry much faster and more effectively, has decided to bring the important names of every field touched by fashion to the global platform with a project that has not been realized until now. It is an extraordinary project where we will come together physically with both Turkish and foreign audiences – within the framework of the pandemic rules.

In the exhibition, in which artwork focusing on Istanbul are on display, everyone who is in love with Istanbul will re-embrace Istanbul, not the one they know and love but have forgotten about, an Istanbul that some have never known, but met and fell in love with.

Organized by the Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (IHKIB), FWI is supported by the Türkiye Promotion Group (TTG) established by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) under the leadership of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade, and is carried out in cooperation with the Fashion Designers Association (MTD) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA).

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